Q: Is there a way to play the game?
A: Yes, we have both a digital and a physical card game being made.

Q: How do I view my cards?
A: Check out our detailed page here: How to View Cards

Q: How do I participate in airdrops?
A: Join our Twitter, Discord or Telegram groups and watch out for airdrops.

Q: Can I buy cards with a credit card or trade them directly?
A: Coming soon.

Q: Can I buy a whole set of physical cards?
A: Coming soon.

Q: Do I have to be a conspiracy theorist to enjoy the CryptoNWO card game?
A: Absolutely not. The game is packed with both historic and contemporary people, places, and artifacts. Making it fun and educational.

Q: Can I join the team?
A: We are a very small team and are always looking for talent. Check out our application page here

Q: What are the different rarity levels and card types?