You can view your collection of cards on a handful of different NFT marketplaces and mobile apps.

First you’ll need to know your wallet address. Using the address 0xd0672fcfd9a21ab82fb6eb7707064bcd7ff402d1 as an example, you can see your cards by visiting:

OpenSea Website

    • You may need to sign in with your wallet and “unhide” the cards.

OpenSea Mobile App

  • Go to Profile -> Collected to view your NFTs.
    • You may need to go to the Hidden section to see your NFTs. You can unhide them using the OpenSea website as described above.

MetaMask Mobile App

  1. Sign In.
  2. Go to the NFTs section.
  3. Choose ‘Import NFTs’:
    • Address: 0x5B7A7213Cf0fF66aAD6154429F493aaC8412959a
    • ID: enter the card number, e.g. 1, 2, 3, up to 130, based upon what cards you have purchased. (Note: If unsure about card numbers, you can view your purchases on PolygonScan (above) to find the card numbers.)
  4. Import.
  5. You should now see the collection appear.

Coinbase Mobile App

  • Under Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Active Wallet make sure you have the correct address selected.
  • Under Settings -> Default Network -> make sure you have Polygon selected.







Let us know of any other ways you like to view NFTs. Reach out via Email/Telegram/etc. and we’ll be happy to add it to this page.