We are looking for artists and web developers to help us continue to design and develop the best trading card game on the planet.

Skills artists should have:

  • Experience with Photoshop or equivalent.
  • Finding free-to-use images for source material.
  • Ability to come up with new ideas and new iterations based upon initial work.
  • Not required but these would highly desired:
    • Experience with HTML, CSS, or other web development tools.

Skills web developers should have:

  • Experience building web applications.
  • Several years working with JavaScript and JavaScript ecosystem (e.g. build tools, different frameworks, techniques for managing data/state).
  • Not required but these would be highly desired:
    • Base-level knowledge of “web3” ecosystem, such as ethers.js, provider injection, Ethereum node calls.

    Tell us more about yourself, why you want to contribute to our project, and what you can bring to our project.