Half-way mark

We hit the half-way mark – half of the initial 130-card collection has been minted.

To celebrate the half-way mark, we created a page to showcase the collection and a link to find each card on available marketplaces. Join our Telegram to let us know what you think!

Our latest card: Midnight Climax

Browse all cards in Set 1 here: Card Browser

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Name change

Due to a trademark issue we had to rename our project. Our confidence in this project has never been higher – we have already encountered and overcome several different obstacles.

The new name is CryptoNWO. We have a new subreddit (check it out on the Contact page)! We are in the process of updating the various accounts and soon everything will be in order.

We have a LogoTournament contest going as well, which will help bring the best talent to our project. Look forward to more updates! Thank you for staying tuned, and thank you for your interest.

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